"We're living in a new and exciting era.  The geographical limits, elitist-filters, and social-barriers have been removed.  Now, your dream can become a reality from a desk in your home.  However, it requires a new concept, conversation, and connection that only a few individuals really get.  Keith Glines is one of those guys who just get it.  He's not a theorist exploring the options of social media hoping that something works; he is a practitioner of social media, engineering the dialogue that grabs the attention of tens of thousands. We're using his strategies in all of our efforts at FivestarMan."

Five Star Man

Christian Copyright Solutions

Keith Glines played an instrumental role in encouraging and guiding our company into the social media arena in the early days as businesses learned how to leverage social platforms to engage our market through blogs, educational content, Facebook and Twitter (just after it took off in 2007). Keith continued to prod me into becoming active on the social platform, where I could find an open channel to tell our story to the Church market place. He also has provided some great images for our website that help convey our services to churches.


The Plaid Mill

Keith helped us solidify our goals for our online strategy with out-of-the-box ideas. He is a constant source of encouragement, guiding us in the right direction for our brand. We've seen significant sales growth after implementing Keith's strategies.

Plaid Mill

World Vision

Keith Glines is a true professional and a master of his craft. During a disaster response in Tuscaloosa in 2010, World Vision had response teams on the ground, and sent in communicators to capture images and stories. The team videographer/photographer was at a secondary site, so my team was fielding photo requests from headquarters with our iphones. Keith Glines walked onto the scene, and after a brief conversation, I knew he knew what he was doing. We quickly hired him as a freelancer, and he spent the next two days with us, covering the disaster, the response work, and the very real stories of the resilient families in the tornado zone.  Keith's work was impeccable, and many of the photos he shot in those two days were the ones selected for the media and marketing pieces World Vision used to communicate with our audiences. We can't recommend him highly enough. In a perfect world, this photographer would be cloned.

World Vision

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