Matching the correct pace to the environment is very important, in family, life, and business!

Believe it or not you shouldn’t go “balls to the walls” every moment. Nothing gave me a clearer picture of that than today after leaving London with my family and arriving to the Villages of the Cotswolds. After touring London for a couple of days with my kids, while Abbi was working at an all-day book event, we were wired up. We were used to the big city life of riding the Tube, jumping across roads of speeding cabs, and eating in packed, loud diners.

That all came to a screeching halt upon our arrival to sprawling gardens, sheep grazing, strolling paths, chirping birds.  What would seem to be paradise was almost too much for us to handle. It was too much of a culture shift, and we didn’t know what to do, and we couldn’t figure out how to enjoy it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve matched the wrong pace with the environment. It takes getting your mind ready to understand the environment you’re about to step into. Had I done my research on where I was going, I could have prepared my mind during the two-hour car ride to transition myself to the calmer atmosphere.

“Bringing the wrong pace to a situation is like a mechanic bringing a wrench when he needs a hammer.”  [Tweet this!]

Bringing the wrong pace to a situation is like a mechanic bringing a wrench when he needs a hammer. Bringing the wrong pace to a presentation can be the end of a hopeful business relationship with a potential client. When I bring the wrong pace to an evening out with my wife, I can determine how the night is going to end! Pace is everything. It can totally make or break a situation in family, personal, or business life.  So the next time you’re getting ready for an adventure, vacation, or business meeting, think about pace. It will make or break you!

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