I realized this week after being on Spring Break with about 22 teens in one condo that I was missing the boat as a parent. After watching every one of these teenagers take a million selfies of themselves, I realized it was time for me to start getting into their selfie. They are so inammered with themselves that I think it creates an attitude of loneliness. I hear from moms and dads, every week, about kids dealing with loneliness. I’ve noticed kids in large groups, sticking their lips out, selfie faces blocking out everyone around them, just so they can take a picture of themselves instead of actually enjoying the people they’re with! So I am putting myself in the selfie! Instead of making fun of my kids for taking selfies, I’m going to let them know I care about the things they do by getting right in there with them! Every time I see them taking one, I’m going to run and get in it!

So here is my challenge to all parents: “Put yourself in the selfie”. [Tweet this!]
Don’t let a week go by that you don’t stick your face next to theirs and poke your lips out, and let them know you’re with them. And when you get in their selfie, hashtag it on Instagram, Twitter, or facebook with #getintheselfie

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