Twitter is finally taking control of their platform. Its about time!

For too long, Twitter has been allowing other platforms like Instagram to take control of the visual side of social media. But with the introduction of its new native app and web environment, people finally have a reason to un-link their other profiles that once controlled photo and video.

What’s new?
Twitter’s new interface is sleek and usable. With the brands that I manage, I’ve been watching the success of using its native tools, as opposed to linking other social media accounts. I’ve seen, on average, 60% better engagement with images and videos posted inside of Twitter than those just shared through linking external social media accounts (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, etc…). I’ve also found that a tweet with a picture or video, versus one without, gets 50% better engagement from audiences.

What does this mean for investors?
I think this should reignite an interest and poise Twitter to become more of the major social media player it once was. Because of the upgrade in the visual component of the app for the end user, promoted tweets have had 30% better engagement from previous promotions before the app upgrade! With this improvement, of course, it means better profits. That makes Twitter (TWTR) a steal at its current stock price!

The folks at Twitter are doing some great stuff to propel their platform into a new stratosphere. By continuing to give users the best experience possible while creating profits for investors, they should certainly build a major advantage for themselves in the social media realm.

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